Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel, Lavender Scented

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  • Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel, Lavender Scented works very well, if you have corner store feet or country feet you will love this product. It will remove years of asphalt socks and callouses. Shedding with vary depending on the current condition of ones feet.
  • Make sure you soak your feet for at least 30 min before using the booties. This will open your pores and help absorb the product into your feet… soak longer if your feet are very bad and rough.
  • keep my booties on for 2 hours (90 min should be sufficient- but if your feet are very dry then 2 hours will be best for absorbing). You can wear socks or not. I wear socks for the first hour so it’s pressed better against my skin but the last hour I remove them and let the booties just do their magic 🙂
  • Soak your feet every day for at least 30 minutes (longer if your feet are very rough). Either do this in the bath or using a foot bath or a bowl/container of some sort. You don’t need anything special added to the water, I like to use warm to hot water though.
  • Do not forcibly peel your skin! Gently rub after soaking or use a gentle foot file. The skin will peel similar to that of a sunburn and easily come off. If there is a piece that isn’t peeling yet and hanging loose some on another end and it is bothering you- just clip it off with nail clippers.
  • During the process your feet will not be cute- they will be peeling a lot especially around days 3 to 7- after that it gets more mild of a peel for up to 2 weeks total since you did day 1. IT IS WORTH IT THOUGH! your feel will look and feel better than you could have imagined!
  • Repeat monthly or every 2 months for continuous results! Love it!                                                                                                           

    After Care Treatment

    Bathe as usual and do not add lotion if possible. If your feet become too dry you may lightly add an oil-free moisturizer. Not required, but the peeling process will be enhanced if you can soak your feet daily. Use product every 2 months for best results.

    Do Not Use If:

    1 – You are pregnant or nursing.

    2 – You are a Diabetic (Consult your doctor).

    3 – You have hyper-sensitive skin.

    4 – You have any open sores or cuts on feet.

    5 – You have eczema.

    6 – You are allergic to any of the following ingredients.

    Other Information:

    External use only.

    Cruelty Free.

    Women’s size (4-12) Men’s size (4-13).

    Keep away from children.

    Keep in a cool area.

    1 pair of booties in box.

    One time usage.

    Do not forcibly remove dead skin, let skin peel off naturally.



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